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Duration : 32 Hours

The Reverse Engineering course is part of HackerU Advanced Cyber Warfare Course. Designed especially for MOD industries, the program is both broad and thorough, covering issues such as the construction of knowledge and the structure of a defensive cyber unit in a particularly threatened environment.

The Reverse Engineering is a preliminary program for a later specialization in one of the following subjects: Defense Strategy, Attacking Techniques, Proactive Intelligence, Investigations, Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Exploit Writing, SCADA Attack & Defense.

Target Audience

Information Security experts, looking for an in-depth glance into organizations threatened by Advanced Persistent Threats. Intelligence and security practitioners.


The program delves deep into various aspects of Cyber Warfare on the defensive side, enabling participants to expand their knowledge in both methodologies and required techniques.

Pre- requisites

Background in IT as well as software development or intelligence.

Course Outline

  • Principles
  • Tools and techniques
  • IDA
  • Windows Kernel
  • Kernel API
  • Rootkit technologies
  • WinDBG and Kernel Debugging
  • Reversing a Rootkit
  • PE Anti-reversing techniques
  • Physical memory
  • Binary protocols