4 presentations 2018

4 presentations 2018

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First presentation the 24th of January 2018, was in Hong Kong to the annually  ITSMF  congress participating in a very engaged audience and how IT servicemanagement forum members  could get involved into the Smart Cities initiatives locally and understanding the use case from Europe and how the IT solution providers there  connected with the Smart City projects. Just after PWC helped the city of Hong Kong to envision their Smart City.

Second 4-5th of april 2018, was CODEGATE in Seoul South Korea to the annually CTF capture the flag with the presentation on the insider threats that both are unwilling and unaware of the role they play to compromise the Smart City on a operational level.

Third presentation 22th of May 2018, was at the Copenhagen school of technology and design KEA TECH LOUNGE, this was combined with the launch of Veb.academy, a blockchain company issuing digital diplomas, in short a presentation around the technology it self and the use case VEB brings to the market including a panel discussion on Blockchain. Audience

Fourth 29th of may 2018 the RSA conference recap Nordic tour by Forcepoint and Nordic IT sourcing, a presentation on aspect of Cyber security, trust and human behavior and the way we actually create our cyber defence parameters.