Can you build a Smart City in 5 years?

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Can you build a smart city in 5 years

We live in a time of rapid change and progression, with more than half of the world’s population living in urban areas. We are faced with a multitude of challenges that will demand that we change the ways we produce and consume, the ways we administer and organize, and ultimately the way we live and interact as a species. But the imminent challenges we face are many times more locally variable than one first might presume.

Realizing what current state you are in will help you with the starting point of the transformation and with the ability to identifying the challenges that are relevant for you

Smart City world Expo Barcelona 2015



We are present at the Smart cities world expo in Barcelona 2015  the 17-19 November. Meet us at the Danish Pavillon along with the other Danish companies with CleanCluster.

See the PDF for more information or visit the Expo’s site



TechnologyServices integration, sensors, cloud, apps, geo information, data analysis.
SocietySocial innovation, livable cities, collaboration, social well-being, sharing services.
GovernanceOpen government, open data, new public-private collaboration frameworks, innovation netwoks.
SustainabilityUrban growth, zero carbon & green buildings, urban regeneration, energy efficiency.
MobilityIntegrate, apps, technologies, public transport, pedestrians, electric vehicles.
Innovation & Startups by 4YFNStartups, new key players for Urban Innovation.
BcnRail CongressThe new edition of BcnRail Congress aims to provide a platform to present and discuss new technologies and successful solutions, which several countries have implemented under this concept, Smart Mobility.
Circular EconomyCircular Economy is turning the way we make, use and dispose our resources on it’s head by maximising usage and value and then reusing the materials when they can no longer provide the function intended.

Survey : Privacy and Cyber-physical Security Readiness across cities in the EU

We have launched a survey on privacy and cyber-physical security see the following link . Survey or Survey pdf.

Please send your response to Arvin Ghasemi if you are using the PDF

“The failure to stop targeted attacks requires security organizations to rebalance investments and to adopt a continuous response culture. Security organizations must assume they are compromised, and, therefore, invest in detective capabilities that provide continuous monitoring for patterns and behaviors indicative of malicious intent. Preventive controls to “harden” endpoints are highly effective and should be revisited by security organizations; new tools are emerging to simplify this task.” Gartner


We are a speaker at Nordic Smart Cities live in Stockholm

#smartcitieslive Join Smart City Catalyst at Nordic Smart Cities live in Stockholm October 20-21, 2015

 Every city generates an amazing amount of data on a daily basis, but the majority of this data is not used by local administrations in order to deliver better services for its citizens, by getting smart we can use it, save money, become more efficient and improve the standard of life for those that rely on our services.

 Everyone accepts that the technology is there to enable cities to work smarter, but the path to smartness can be the most difficult part of that journey, it will involve close collaboration between government, partners, entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and of course the citizens and end-users of your great cities.Join us in Stockholm, October 2015 to hear from leaders of Smart City projects, those responsible for shaping the smart city policy vision and of course the disruptive innovators whose technologies have the potential to transform your city for everyone 

of your citizens.

Let’s Live Smarter and come hear our head of research Patrick Driscoll at Nordic Smart Cities live in Stockholm October 20-21, 2015

EU data protection legal framework


10-08- 2015 Cyber-physical infrastructure risk

  • Our head of research Patrick Driscoll has provided keen insight on the now published Cyber-physical Security issues in Smart Cities from US. Dept of Homeland Security. See the final report here
Train and be educated in Cyber Security

Free cyber-physical security checklist

We have a free check list from our workshop at Internet Week Denmark 2015.

2015_06_03 SCC Cyber-physical security checklist

06 juni 2015 Smart City Catalyst

06 juni 2015 Smart City Catalyst is now a member of Danish cleantech organization CLEAN

01 June 2015 We have always emphasized

01 June 2015 We have always emphasized on the cyber securities issues within Smart Cities area. This article on cyber-physical infrastructures from Per Plamkvist in the Danish media JP Politikken highlights this.(article in Danish)

Smart City Catalyst

Smart City Catalyst shares views and opinions collected from our learning experiences at different event venues and the progress of the different cities as they disclose their progress to the public. We also share our engagements that are open to the public.

Join Smart City Catalyst for a workshop on Cyber-physical security at Internet week 2015 on Wednesday the 3rd. of June in Århus, Denmark

Smart City Catalyst attended a meeting the 8th. of April 2015 with the Danish Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs and almost half of all Danish cities. Progress on Smart City initiatives 

Smart City Catalyst attended the international event in London at the Ovum “Smart to Future cities” event held between the 28-29th. of  April 2015. Cities are still struggling with how to grasp and adapt to the new demands.