Citizen engagement

Citizen engagement

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A city is only as smart as its people, and the smartest cities realize that citizens are the best untapped resource when it comes to innovative solutions to complex planning problems. Smart City Catalyst provides uses a Quadruple Helix approach, where we seek to engage a broad coalition of interest groups, business, academics, and citizens in co-creating innovative Smart City solutions.

Our approach

Smart City Catalyst(SCC) uses a number of innovative methods to increase citizen engagement in Smart City planning including:


  • Gaming the City-bringing serious games to life using real-world data and real-world challenges. Whether it is using augmented reality to explore a city’s history or developing a playable version of the public transport system, we think that gaming is one of the key tools for Smart Cities.
  • Hacking the City-Why should planners have all of the fun? Giving citizens the tools and techniques to plan their city empowers them to engage in new ways with traditional government. Hackathons, open source coding events and urban maker labs are just some of the ways that Smart Cities are tapping into the knowledge and power of their citizens.
  • Funding the City-Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding initiatives for municipalities are a powerful way to test new ideas, spark local innovative planning solutions, and develop new ways for citizens to engage.