Cyber security

Cyber security

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The integration of digital infrastructures (Internet of Everything) into existing physical infrastructure systems presents not only opportunities for significant cost savings and increased benefits delivery, but also introduces a number of vulnerabilities and security concerns that need to be proactively addressed. In particular, attention should be paid to the seams between the cyber and the physical systems since these are the places that are particularly vulnerable to malicious penetration attacks. Our main areas of focus are: energy, transportation, water, district heating/cooling, and gas systems, health, and Information commICT infrastructure.

Our approach

We have developed an open Smart City Security Stack that is built upon a number of layers including:

  • State-of-the-art threat assessment
  • Data security in storage and transit
  • Network security, from individual sensors up to databases
  • Privacy, transparency, and autonomy for citizens and municipal authorities
  • Active penetration testing, including ethical hacks and sandboxing
  • Resilience to critical systems collapse
  • Identification of key legal and regulatory issues, including new EU standards


Examples of recent projects


  • Expert input for the US Department of Homeland Security report “The Future of Cyber-Physical Infrastructure in Smart Cities
  • Securing Smart Cities initiativessc org