Establishing a Safe and Secure Municipal Drone Program

Establishing a Safe and Secure Municipal Drone Program According to a report from Tractica in 2015, the interest in utilizing drones for commercial applications will drive commercial-grade UAV shipments from 80,000 units in 2015 to more than 2.6 million annually by 2025. The market intelligence firm forecasts that annual revenue from commercial drone hardware sales […]

SECTECH sikkerhedsmesse

Under emnet “Internet of Things (IoT) og sikkerhed – fra smarte hjem til smarte byer” ser Sectechs anden minikonference, den 17. november, på, hvor vi er i dag, og hvordan udviklingen ser ud i de kommende år. Og hvordan passer sikkerhedsteknologien ind i Internet of Things og i de smarte projekter? Smart City Catalysts Martin […]

Uber hackathon i København

Da Uber inviterede til Hackathon så deltog Martin Tom-Petersen fra Smart City Catalyst, som en del af jury panelet i denne 36 timers Hack. UBER Hackathon brings eager entrepreneurs, engineers, software developers, designers, tech enthusiasts and urban planners together for two days and challenges them to create a cool app to improve their city. We […]

Hvad er en smart city?

Her gennemgår vi nogle projekter indenfor Smart Cities for at give vores læsere en bedre forståelse den komplette tankegang bag Smart Cities og det fundament som nogle af de byer vi har valgt i deres projekter.   Smart City projects and enablers      

Smart City world Expo Barcelona 2015

  We are present at the Smart cities world expo in Barcelona 2015  the 17-19 November. Meet us at the Danish Pavillon along with the other Danish companies with CleanCluster. See the PDF for more information or visit the Expo’s site Smart-City-Expo-2015-Brochure-for-viewing_FINAL   TechnologyServices integration, sensors, cloud, apps, geo information, data analysis. SocietySocial innovation, livable […]

Survey : Privacy and Cyber-physical Security Readiness across cities in the EU

We have launched a survey on privacy and cyber-physical security see the following link . Survey or Survey pdf. Please send your response to Arvin Ghasemi if you are using the PDF “The failure to stop targeted attacks requires security organizations to rebalance investments and to adopt a continuous response culture. Security organizations must assume […]

We are a speaker at Nordic Smart Cities live in Stockholm

#smartcitieslive Join Smart City Catalyst at Nordic Smart Cities live in Stockholm October 20-21, 2015 As technology continues to move forward, so does the opportunity to revolutionise the way that our cities work, such advances offer the opportunity to improve the lives of our citizens and for administrations to do more with less.   Every city generates an amazing amount of […]