We are a speaker at Nordic Smart Cities live in Stockholm

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#smartcitieslive Join Smart City Catalyst at Nordic Smart Cities live in Stockholm October 20-21, 2015

 Every city generates an amazing amount of data on a daily basis, but the majority of this data is not used by local administrations in order to deliver better services for its citizens, by getting smart we can use it, save money, become more efficient and improve the standard of life for those that rely on our services.

 Everyone accepts that the technology is there to enable cities to work smarter, but the path to smartness can be the most difficult part of that journey, it will involve close collaboration between government, partners, entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and of course the citizens and end-users of your great cities.Join us in Stockholm, October 2015 to hear from leaders of Smart City projects, those responsible for shaping the smart city policy vision and of course the disruptive innovators whose technologies have the potential to transform your city for everyone 

of your citizens.

Let’s Live Smarter and come hear our head of research Patrick Driscoll at Nordic Smart Cities live in Stockholm October 20-21, 2015

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