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3 new reports on cyber security and Smart Cities

The lastest reports from Securing Smart Cities and our CEO Martin Tom-Petersen as co-author.

The Smart Cities Internet of Access Control, opportunities and cybersecurity challenges

The Smart city is a fast advancing zone in urban planning and aged cities of today. This concept is based on the application of connected various systems in managing a city effectively. Some of the major aspects that the smart city emphasizes are energy and water supply, transport and access control, public health and safety management. The ambition of building …
AUTHORS: Mohamad Amin Hasbini, Senior Security Researcher, Kaspersky Lab, Martin Tom-Petersen, Client director and partner, Smart City Catalyst

Smart Cities Cyber Crisis Management

Cybersecurity of Smart Cities is a controversial topic today. Researchers and professionals are debating the viability and sustainability of a large complex environment, which heavily relies on the digital infrastructure, especially from a cybersecurity perspective (1). Smart cities continuously deploy and update information and communication technology (ICT) to enhance the quality of life for citizens. The cities are typically evolved… 
AUTHORS: Mohamad Amin Hasbini, Senior Security Researcher, Kaspersky Lab, Raddad Ayoub, Advisory Partner – Africa, India and Middle East (AIM), Martin Tom-Petersen, Client director and partner, Smart City Catalyst, Loïc Falletta, Owner and Principal Security Consultant at Yinkozi, Ltd, David Jordan, CISO, Arlington County Government, Virginia, USA, Alan Seow, Cybersecurity Practitioner, Sandeep Singh, Security Consultant

Smart cities appeal and 15 things that should not go wrong

Urbanization of populations is a continuous phenomenon, cities are transforming digitally into smarter ones, enabling better governance, enhancing the living of humans and facilitating better resources utilization efficiency. In reality, various systems such as cameras and traffic signals, street lights, sewers sensors, gas and electric meters make up the digital infrastructure of smart cities. Residents will pay their bills and …
AUTHORS: Mohamad Amin Hasbini, Senior Security Researcher, Kaspersky Lab, James Mckinlay, Director, Praetorian Consulting International Limited, Martin Tom-Petersen, Client director and partner, Smart City Catalyst, Aseem Jakhar, Co-Founder – Payatu, hardwear.io, nullcon, null, Amgad Magdy, INVLAB Founder, IS Consultant, David Jordan, CISO, Arlington County Government, Virginia, USA



Smart City Catalyst er forfatter og medforfatter på flere rapporter. På denne side kan du tilmelde dig for at modtage dem direkte.

Uber hackathon i København

Da Uber inviterede til Hackathon så deltog Martin Tom-Petersen fra Smart City Catalyst, som en del af jury panelet i denne 36 timers Hack.

UBER Hackathon brings eager entrepreneurs, engineers, software developers, designers, tech enthusiasts and urban planners together for two days and challenges them to create a cool app to improve their city.

We are looking for people who are motivated to solve real problems, passionate about their city and capable of developing great ideas and fine products.

Uber inviterede til Hackathon


New report on “Privacy & cyber-physical security in EU cities 2016”

Byer rundt om i verden står over for  dilemmaer på persondata og cyber -fysiske sikkerhedstrusler , der vil ændre , hvordan de arbejder med Smart og bæredygtige løsninger . I mellemtiden er byer i EU konfronteret med nye regler , der vil introducere nye processer og systemer, som i dag styrer data på by -niveau , de  skal ændres og redesignet . I vores rapport , Smart City Catalyst fokusere vi på denviden om, hvordan byerne kan skabe grundlæggende retningslinjer samt anbefalinger til byens aktører, som er interesserede i at forbedre den overordnede cyber -fysiske sikkerhed samt at kunne opretholde borgernes privatliv .



Download the report Privacy & Cyber-Security in EU Cities 2016

Can you build a Smart City in 5 years?

Read our latest article on Linkedin pulse or download it from the link.

Can you build a smart city in 5 years

We live in a time of rapid change and progression, with more than half of the world’s population living in urban areas. We are faced with a multitude of challenges that will demand that we change the ways we produce and consume, the ways we administer and organize, and ultimately the way we live and interact as a species. But the imminent challenges we face are many times more locally variable than one first might presume.

Realizing what current state you are in will help you with the starting point of the transformation and with the ability to identifying the challenges that are relevant for you